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Mysterious cloth-diaper-hating rash

My daughter has had a really aggressive nasty rash/yeast infection for MONTHS. We had seriously tried just about everything to make it go away--different ointments, creams, we took her to a dermatologist, and literally nothing was working. We thought maybe there was some lingering infection clinging to our cloth diapers, so we stripped them, but still no dice.

Two weeks ago, we went away for the weekend, and only took disposables with us, so we wouldn't have to travel with a bunch of diapers. After two days of disposables and Aquaphor (we had forgotten her dermatologist-prescribed rash cream at home) the rash was making drastic improvements. So when we got home, we kept her in disposables and Aquaphor. Two weeks later, it's almost entirely gone.

So, what gives? We love our cloth diapers, and we'll be going back to them as soon as this rash is gone for good, but I am just baffled as to why nothing we tried worked at all until we switched to disposables.

Any ideas?

Edit: I should have added, we use GroVia All-in-Twos, almost exclusively, and Charlie's soap.


Feb. 9th, 2012 04:51 am (UTC)
Wow. I was nervous it would be so much work. I have a hard time with naked time right now and even washing wool covers. I mostly have pull on, not wraps so they can be more work for diapers changes right now. I have two older ones in nursery school and I just potty trained the middle one so I'm still spending extra time with her in the bathroom. My poor third baby with the yeasties kind of gets dragged around a bit. I'm hoping once this bought clears in sposies we can get back into cloth and I'll be more vigilant.

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