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Just FYI - mod post.

Just so everyone is aware, this community's setting is "Friends Only." This does not mean that the community is closed, this is an open community for anyone to join. This just means that the posts will be Friends only and only viewable to members of the community. This is because of some trolls and spammers that we must do this.

If you have been lurking, please join our community, we encourage you to lurk to read up on cloth diapering. There is lots of information in this community that is VERY useful and very detailed, come read!

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this could be a really bad habit

i bought a FB olive diaper from somebody. i dont remember who. i did paypal, i havent gotten an email about it going through yet. may you (whoeveryouare) have?

Note from comod....

I have become the background moderator. I read, I rarely post or comment, and I usually only post to make a mod reminder. I know that isnt a very good example of a mod. I really wish I could get to know you all and have the friendships with you that kimmlett has with you all.

And I would love to be participating more in this community but I have had a lot of personal issues that had to be dealt with and are still in the process of it. marshmallowgoo I have not forgotten about emailing you. I hope to be able to become one of those really friendly sociable mods here really soon. I really miss partaking in the love that is cloth. =)

SO I apologize to anyone who thinks I'm just a stickler, hard ass, quite mod who is all about rules and following them. I'm not really... I just can only do a small reminder post every now and again before I have things to take care of.

I do miss you all very much. You are all wonderful people.

And, unfortunately on that note.... lol....
Can you all remember to try and put pictures behind an LJ cut? The past few weeks I've seen a bit more than usual.

New Fluff!

I got my order from Jellybeans diapers the other day :-) 4 fitteds and an AIO.

I LOVE them! They have been washed, dried and worn already and DS seems to really like them aswell. Tempted to buy some more as soon as I get the paypal together.

Anyone else feeling the Jellybeans love?

Our growing stash.

So we started out with nothing about 6wks ago and now we have this:

our diapersCollapse )

Nighttime diapering

We're pretty much down to 2 disposables a day, one at night and one in the morning when I can pretty much count on a HUGE messy poop. I'm wanting to phase out these as well as my confidence in cloth grows. I'm reluctant to give up the nighttime disposable because I haven't yet had to change Izzy in the middle of the night and any sleep these days (nights) is very precious.

I'm curious about nighttime diapers, I have made some microfleece & PUL pocket diapers that I use with a Chinese prefold (although my hemp french terry and organic velour yardage is arriving this week!) and I'm continually surprised at how well they keep her dry.

What do you use for a nighttime diaper? Do you need to change diapers during the night?
Oh jeez, I've only been doing this for two weeks, and I'm already getting enough dipes I can afford to start being picky with my stash.

I have 6 4 large white FB, 2 large orange FB (pending), 1 large yellow FB (sold) and 1 large butter-yellow FB (pending) that I am looking to sell off. I recieved them never before used as seconds (the leg elastic is slightly asymetrical, but it doesn't seem to affect sizing or performance, they are great) They each have been used maybe 4 times total. No staining that I can see.

I like them, I just want all my FB to be lime green or turquoise. (like I said, I'm getting picky) I am asking $9 ppd for each of them, but go ahead and make an offer. I like to dicker. :) You can reach me at amber.egbert@gmail.com or comment here.

Thanks in advance!
Sweetcheeks fitted diapers suck. I bought one off of ebay because it was on sale for just like $4, and I'm poor, so I thought it was worth a try. First of all, it's only 2 layers of flannel thick. That's it. And the insert is just 2 more layers. That's it. Or at least that's all it feels like 4 layers of flannel isn't nearly thick enough for a diaper, so she just has to *think* about peeing and the whole entire thing is soaked. She's never able to wear it more than 10 minutes, 15 tops. I don't know if it's just not quality flannel or what, but I bought another off e-bay from a WAHM that's so much thicker and cushier and more absorbent out of flannel, and this Sweetcheeks diaper feels about as thick as the flannel sheets on my bed. And to top it off, that clear stuff they use around the legs to make them stretchy, that leaves red marks on her legs. It was a total waste of my $4 + s/h.
Ok, sometimes I have to admit, I'm lazy. My daughter is still in a disposable at night and when we go away for more than 2 days, I put her in disposables also. I'm a bad cloth mama.

However! I've been using the environmentally friendly dipes, Tushies for those occasions.

So my question is thus...tushies are just eh for us, I mean, they're good for what they're for, which is perpetuating my laziness while allowing me the minimal amount of guilt possible...but have any of you ever tried 7th generation sposies or tendercare? How do they compare to tushies?

I'm running low and need to place an order tonight...help!