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Registering/How Many?

Hello Ladies!

I really want to cloth diaper and I'm building my registry now. I'm not sure what I'm having yet but I'm doing everything neutral for the most part. BUT...how many diapers do I need?

I have registered for 14 cloth diapers. I'm a COMPLETE noob here. First baby, first pregnancy, first fit of worry. You get the cloth diaper and then you have inserts, right? So you take the insert out, rinse it, toss it in the washer and then reuse the next day after a wash? The cloth diaper generally stays clean-ish for a few days and then you wash it? IDK. Help? :)

1. Snaps or velcro?
2. How many should I get?
3. How many inserts?
4. How many times a day can I expect baby to poo/pee?

I plan to run the wash every night before bed but still want a few extra.

I registered for the following:

Diaper with snaps(14): http://www.buybuybaby.com/store/product/bumgenius-cloth-diaper-with-snap-closures-moonbeam/1018180979?skuId=18180979®istryId=6771223

Diaper inserts(20): http://www.buybuybaby.com/store/product/gerber-reg-birdseye-flatfold-cotton-diaper-10-pack/1018415828?skuId=18415828®istryId=6771223

Velcro(2): Should I even bother with these? http://www.buybuybaby.com/store/product/bumgenius-hook-loop-cloth-diaper-ribbit/1018181002?skuId=18181002®istryId=6771223

Reviews of GroVia MyChoice Trainers?

Anyone have personal experience with GroVia My Choice Trainers? Daycare is really pushing to start PL with my 20mo, who is frequently staying dry for 5+ hours at a time, and through naps.

My local CD store is having a grand re-opening sale on Thursday, and I'm thinking of snagging a couple of these suckers. (uug, love how ~$20 is considered "affordable".) Any real-world reviews from this community?

Barring that, any other trainers that deserve a shout-out? I love the idea of side panels that come apart if necessary (cuz the thought of dealing with poo in a pull-down situation is terrifying to me!)

The other post was getting long with comments, so here's what's left in a new posting. Also, some prices have been adjusted.

This way for the little-sized stuff...Collapse )

Mysterious cloth-diaper-hating rash

My daughter has had a really aggressive nasty rash/yeast infection for MONTHS. We had seriously tried just about everything to make it go away--different ointments, creams, we took her to a dermatologist, and literally nothing was working. We thought maybe there was some lingering infection clinging to our cloth diapers, so we stripped them, but still no dice.

Two weeks ago, we went away for the weekend, and only took disposables with us, so we wouldn't have to travel with a bunch of diapers. After two days of disposables and Aquaphor (we had forgotten her dermatologist-prescribed rash cream at home) the rash was making drastic improvements. So when we got home, we kept her in disposables and Aquaphor. Two weeks later, it's almost entirely gone.

So, what gives? We love our cloth diapers, and we'll be going back to them as soon as this rash is gone for good, but I am just baffled as to why nothing we tried worked at all until we switched to disposables.

Any ideas?

Edit: I should have added, we use GroVia All-in-Twos, almost exclusively, and Charlie's soap.

Fabric De-stash

For sale.

My wife is selling off some stockpiled cloth purchased for diaper making. Here's a complete list, with pricing. Pricing does NOT include shipping. Everything will be put in flat rate boxes if at all possible. You'll be told what the price plus shipping is once your items have been packed. She can't break up yardage because she doesn't have time to cut and ship orders individually. Feel free to counter-offer, though I think the prices are quite reasonable.

2mm thickness custom run PUL
Photos of most of these fabrics can be found here at Picasa
Silver Skeletons on Grape Purple Background 41"x42" - $15
Muppet Themed Flannel on Green Background - 36"x26" - $10
Striped Flowers in Green, Blue, & Purple - 38"x41" $15
Par Avion Print in Girly Colors - 35"x26" - $10
Alligators on Cream Background - 42"x-48" $20
Retro Red & Yellow Rockets on Navy Background - 39"x43" - $15
Peanuts Cartoon Fall Leaves Themed on Red Background - 36"x42" - $10
Par Avion Print in Boyish Colors 30"x21" - $10
Hawaiian Flowers in Greens and Pinks 28"x39" - $10
Cartoon Mice and Cheese on Sunshine Yellow Background 50"x15"- $15
Green & Blue Watercolor Dots on White (Goes With Par Avion Fabrics) 32"x37" - $15
Modern Olive Green Flowers on White Background 28"x36" - $15
Knit Tools Print on Cream Background 60"x101" - $100 (This one I'm willing to split into as much as 4 lots)

1/2" width FOE
White - 25 yards - $15
Sunshine - 25 yards - $15
Light Green/Blue with Yellow Daisies - 8.5 yards - $5
Light Green/Blue with Yellow Daisies - 8.5 yards - $5
Light Green/Blue with Yellow Daisies 15 yards - $10
Black & White Handprints - 6.5 yards - $5
Black & White Handprints - 23.5 yards - $15

Bamboo Velour
Butter Yellow 72"x 7ft - $40
Grape Purple 64"x 3ft - $20
Royal Blue 64"x 4ft - $20
White 58"x 10ft - $30
Natural 42"x 5ft - $20

Aqua heavy weight fleece (should be waterproof) 64"x72" - $10
Bright Yellow Checked Print Microfleece 60"x72" - $10
Mulberry Microfleece 42"x60" - $10
Grape Microfleece 60"x40" - $10
Got tons of feedback on here and eBay (copperbtrfly) and diaperswappers (MrsMcCarry)
All prices are PPD, if you want confirmation or insurance please let me know prior to paying. All items ship next day USPS.

Buy in lots and save, buy more than one lot and save BIG. Make an offer if you'd like to split lots up.

Paypal only, CC and cash - no fees. First to pay gets items - paypal is tothmccarry @ gmail.com

Giant Sale, come this way!Collapse )


Approved/Denied/Waiting!!? WHY?

There have been a lot of emails lately from either pending members or friends of pending members asking why they've not been allowed into the community. I figured now's a great time to remind everyone why we have a screening process for new members and why it might take so long.

It wasn't too long ago when clothdiapering was a place where people didn't feel safe a lot of the time participating in buying/selling because the chances of them being scammed was rather high. People could set up new journals on a whim, pretend to be selling diapers, take your money, and run, and we had absolutely no recourse.

So, the moderators decided to screen all incoming applicants to prevent this. People with established journals, or with friends already in the community, or with "linkable" feedback elsewhere (ebay, diaperswappers, etc) are approved with very little effort. Sometimes we have to email back and forth a few times to solidify the vouch/feedback, etc, but that's about it. The only people who are generally truly denied are those that have brand new journals with no entries and no activity. We're not denying them to be elitist, but to protect our current membership.

We do have a community (clothmods) where kimmlett posts all current activity in the approval/denial process. There are reasons given for every denial. There is nothing being hidden from anybody.

If you have been denied and you're wondering why, check out clothmods. We never ignore a pending request for membership. There is either acceptance or denial, and if we CAN communicate with people with brand new journals (they must have at least one public entry), we do our best.

Please comment with any questions or concerns.

Edited to add: As a side note, the email address is sometimes a concern. cloth.mods@gmail and clothmods@gmail both come to the same place. Gmail doesn't "recognize" the periods in the username (before the @ sign). So, really, you could send it to c.l.o.t.h.m.o.d.s@gmail.com and it'd get to us!


Member_Feedback or WAHM Posts?

Hello all!

Just wanted to know if there's anything you need to talk about? Concerns, suggestions, etc!
Do you need a WAHM spot? Let me know here!
Do you need a member_feedback post? Let me know here!

Also, remember there's clothmods available to you, too.

A note: If you request a member feedback post and I say "okay!" and you don't get a response back from me that there is a post ready for you within 12 hours, please respond back to me to poke me to get it up. Sometimes, between my full-time job and my 2 1/2 year old, I get distracted somewhere between your first comment and my intent to go set up the post. Thanks :)