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Time to send my son's first batch of diapers (and some we bought to try other styles) to new homes. I'm happy to stuff flat-rate boxes to save shipping, coming from Las Vegas zip code 89123. All items are from a non-smoking, pet friendly house. All the PFs have been oxygen-bleached this week and washed 3x without soap afterwards. A few of the PFs have very light stains remaining. (What can I say? Prunes + PF = stains.)

2 dozen +1 Little Lions infant-size PFs. I put the blue stitching on them so Hubby could tell them apart from the other PFs. They started life as unbleached, but the oxygen bleaching I did every 3 months took them to almost white. These tend to run a little shorter, but a little wider than the GMDs below. $16 per dozen, or $30 for all of them, plus shipping.

1.5 dozen Green-Edged GMD PFs. These are a little narrower, but a little longer than the LL diapers above. When my son outgrew the LLs, these still had 2 months in them. $16 per dozen, $21 for all of them, plus shipping. SOLD

8 infant-sized (differently green-edged)PFs. Don't know the brand, they were gifted to me. they're the same size as the GMDs though. $10 plus shipping. SOLD

10 5 White Newborn size Bummi's Super Whisper Wrap covers (original style) in EEEEUC. Gifted to me, but not used. These suckers are practically new. $4.00ea, plus shipping

2 Newborn (6-10lb) Proraps covers. Pastel blue and green. These are smaller than the Bummi's covers. GUC (mostly bcs we were new to cover care and they got bit by the velcro on because we didn't always fasten them closed in the wash.) These covers went over my son's preemie PFs when we first started CDing him at 6.5lb. $3ea or $5 for both, plus shipping.

3 white Newborn Imse Vimse Soft covers. They list the size at 3-6kg, (6-13lb) but these suckers are huge. My son wore them until he was at least 16lb. They have a kinda rubbery feel to them, but these were our fave covers - they're bullet proof. I'd call them VG-GUC. They're a little pilly around the edges, but still very usable. $7ea or $20 for all three, plus shipping. SOLD

3 Small FuzziBuns pocket diapers with snaps in white. EEEUC. Turns out we just aren't fans of pocket diapers, so these hardly got used. They're still very silky inside. They work great, we just prefer PFs. (These are an older style of FB diaper, they look a little different than what's available now.) No inserts. $7ea or $20 for all three, plus shipping. SOLD

Small size fitted diaper of unknown brand, one girly floral pattern and one that looks like a PF on the outer part. Both purchased in this community, got hardly any use - again, we just like our PFs. The girly one had faint staining when I got it (in 3rd pic) but both are still very silky. $8 plus shipping GIRLY PRINT SOLD

2 Lime Green BabyLand brand pocket diapers with snaps, purchased in this community. No Inserts. GUC, no staining, but they're not what I would call silky like the fitteds and the FB. $5ea plus shipping

1 Black Happy Hineys velcro one-size pocket diaper - the front velcro wants to fold over, but it's fine once it's on the kid. Purchased in this community, no inserts. The diaper was in the basket with the PFs and picked up some fuzz, it's pure black IRL. $10 plus shipping.

1 Bummi's Swimmi swim diaper, new in package. Size small, in Pizzazz style. I wasn't thinking when I was pregnant and bought a swim diaper for my July baby. He didn't go in the pool until the next spring, and was too big for this diaper. (Sorry for the stock photo, I forgot about this one in the bin until I'd already edited all the other pics.) $8 plus shipping

Thanks for looking - I can't believe how hard it was to pull all this stuff out and re-wash it. Hard to believe these little diapers ever fit my constantly-moving little boy. Le sigh.


Feb. 21st, 2012 04:27 am (UTC)
I am interesting in the BSWW if PP doesn't take them.
Feb. 21st, 2012 05:49 am (UTC)
I thought of you when I saw those... hmm wonder if Holly still needs covers. :)
Feb. 23rd, 2012 03:06 am (UTC)
Looks like they're yours if you're still interested. What's your zip and I can get you shipping.
Feb. 24th, 2012 01:00 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately I have purchased some other diapers since then and I don't have enough money in my paypal now.

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