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the joys and the heartbreaks

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Also, we have a new member_feedback section in our memories,this will help you when purchasing through members of the community!

If you are new to cloth diapering (and/or new to this community), feel free to ask your questions here. We do have a memories section that we request you check often, as things are added on a regular basis. Please take the time to read back through the memories, there is a lot of really helpful information in there. If you're experienced, feel free to share your rants and raves and best tips!

This is also a place to discuss things like: mama pads, the Keeper, the Diva Cup, etc.
Likes, dislikes, rants, and raves are welcome about these kinds of things as well.

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Why use cloth?
babyslime wrote a very wonderful piece on why to use cloth. Please go and take a look at it, if you are undecided on whether or not to use cloth.

Where Can You Get The Goods?
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does include our active members' stores! Buy local / Buy often!

...and such is life. - She sells embroidered PUL covers, embroidered wool covers and pants, custom diapers by request, embroidered (handmade) hooded sweatshirts, pants and t-shirts.
Contact- Breeze givinguponyou

Baby Butt Prints - Selling customed dyed T-shirts and onesies, with cloth and breastfeeding advocacy and just plain fun printed designs. Also selling matching dyed prefolds. 15% off for LJ users with promo code LJcloth
Contact- America tangodiva

CrazyKittyLady - crazykittymomma

Dream Carriers - fairmaiden76 makes Mei Tais & more. Please contact dream_carriers or andrea@dreamcarriers.com for more info.

Knit By Tigs She sells custom knitted shorts, capris, and longies. She is hoping to add other types as soon as possible. She is working on becoming licensed through Little Turtle Knits.
Contact- Carrie tigrrgrr knitbytigs@the-michels.com

Miracle Diapers - Cloth Diapers for Low Income families. "Can't afford to use cloth diapers? Can you really afford not to?"
Contact- Ruth your_highness ruth@miraclediapers.com

Tomboy Knits - tomboyknits

The Velvet Rabbit - Offers cloth diapers, menstrual pads, and accessories.
Contact- Emily littlravn

Banner-fied Stores

Blissfull Knits
Blissfull Knits
Contact: patagonia

Essential Saltes Baby
Contact: ritterisgod911

Contact- Suzanne wyckhurst

Huckleberry Knits



Image hosting by Photobucket

Mimi's Dreams
Mimi's Dreams
Contact: jinxgoddess
or http://www.saucytots.com


Contact: Teresa mizzy or mizknits@yahoo.com

Natural Madison

NatureBaby Knits
Image hosting by Photobucket

Sarah's Baby Boutique

Contact: ephah

Sarah's Stitches
Sarah's Stitches

Stones of Healing

Contact: gemini7

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